7.5 weeks of crazy age

Caught a few pictures of the pups playing in the yard. Wow, five pups went five different directions often! YIKES! and boy do they love to run!

They don't mind Stephanie's walker at all. They came when called but then ran off - LOL. Rounding them up to put them back in the house was great fun - they came in and then left again!

We had company, and everyone enjoyed the crazy romping pups this morning. Oh, and by the way, they walked outside with our Candy leading them. Candy was such a great sport. However, Candy was happy I rescued her shortly thereafter:)

I was going to get some still shots, BUT THEY WERE NEVER STILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So don't despair, I'll get some stills if we have to hold them still (before they leave us end of this week). This is their first time in our front yard.