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[Edi x Kat]

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WTCH Graingers Everredy Legends Edi PATDsc RTDs OFTDs, ASCA Finals High Combined '08; ASCA Nationals '09 Regular Trial High Combined '09) (littermate to: WTCH Graingers Bailie On The Rocks, WTCH Graingers Milo)
Blue AS-21739G25M-PI F=1.05%

HOF WTCH Vests Bell Star Gent RTDs DNA-CP (littermate to WTCH Vests Bell Star Blue Tyler ATDs OTDcd, WTCH Vests Bell Star Belle OTDcd ATDs HOF WTCH LCs Mr Man PATDcs DNA-CP, WTCH J Bar D Tank PATDcs RTDs)
Blue C/W F=45.98%
E97934 DL81250307

HOF Vests Bell Star Gator
E87976 DL80835801

WTCH Vests Bell Star Lynn


WTCH Lynns Tyler
HOF WTCH Vests Bell Star Kate RTDs
1278 DL49562002


WTCH Vests Bell Star Lynn


HOF Vests Bell Star Robin


HOF WTCH Starstuffs Blocky Butt Bailie DNA-VP (littermate to WTCH Starstuffs Aspiration RTDs DNA-VP)
Black W AS-17517G35F-PI F=4.12%
E108420 DL83960402
HOF WTCH Windsongs Imagine PATDs RTDs DNA-CP
E35915 DL45879604

WTCH Little Spots Speckled Image


WTCH Windsongs City Rhythm


WTCH C Hangin' 5 Holly Bear Nt RD RTDc DNA-CP
E75203 DL82934001

HOF WTCH Hangin Tree Dude PATDcs RD RTDcs DNA-CP


WTCH Kola Bear RD RTDc


WTCH True Grit Kat Ballou PATDsc RD RTDsc
Blue W AS-22447E25F-NOPI F=7.55%
WTCH True Grit Cain Raiser PATDcs RD RTDcs DNA-CP
Blue C/W RF AS-13856G24M F=3.20%
E95574 DL83254101
True Grit Sampson

Myricks Steffen Runner



Kel-Mars Ginger Ruffian Myrick (dam: Texas Sands Km Ruffian Cain CD STDc ATDds whose sire was WTCH CH Windsongs Rainsin Cain CD)


Golden Acres Fire In the Snow
E77649 DL56121006

GHF Kelly


Little Precious (Lines go back to Las Rocosa HOF Shiloh, Just Jake, ...)


True Grit Dixie Belle (littermate to: WTCH True Grits Painted Toes, WTCH True Grit Red Apache RTDs DNA-VP, WTCH True Grit Hombre DNA-VP)
RF F=11.79%

HOF WTCH Hangin' Tree Blue Bear DNA-CP CD PATDcs RD RTDcs
E53420 DL48489301

HOF HOF WTCH Hangin' Tree Black Bear PATDc RTDcs RDg DNA-CP


HOF Hangin' Tree Cinnamon Teal STDc OTDds


WTCH Crown Point True Grit Dixie DNA-VP
E101631 DL80409204

HOF WTCH Crown Point Stonewall Jackson RTDs DNA-CP


Bar LWs Crown Point Deva DNA-CP