HOF Legends Copper Canyon Watch Me asca/akc CD, major pointed ASCA & AKC reserve (minimally shown in conformation), DNA-CP (deceased 6/9/09 - age 12)

(ofa excellent, eye cleared, full dentition, scissors)

Winnie earned her asca HALL OF FAME at age 10 (recap of her titled offspring follows).

Sire: Multiple akc Group winning CH Windogo's Johnnie Walker Red

Dam: BISSv VCH WTCH CH Lady Claugene Shope CDX RTDsc HS-As ROMIo & ROMIp



by: HOF BISS CH Spring Fever's Standing Ovation DNA-CP:

asca VCH CH Legends StarN MaxAMillion asca CDX OTDc ATDds akc CD (1 leg CDX in AKC) RE DNA-VP - MAX , owned by us

asca VCH WTCH CH Legends Boomvang asca RS-O JS-O GS-O CD akc NAC OAC NJC NCC DNA-VP - PULLEY, owned by Betty Jaco & Kalla Jaco/WI and coowned by us - Pulley has champion, stock-titled and agility titled offspring on the ground.

Legends Curtain Call for MLady asca UD akc UDX2 (close to her OTCH) RA NAJ - MATTIE, owned by Laurie Kollman Millar/NM

SPECIAL MENTION: Legends Blue Kent (Certified Therapy Dog) - BLUE, owned by the Kents/NM

by: WTCH CH Kansaquest's Chances R CD DNA-CP:

Legends Star Ruby CD RN STDs OTDc, major pointed intact & multiple BOB altered, - STAR, therapy assisted living therapy partner

Legends On the Loose akc AD OA OAJ NAC CL1-R CL1-H CL1-F asca RS-N - TALLY HO, owned by Ralph & Gail Frazier/CA

Winnie was sold as a pup. We luckily were able to buy her back as a two year old. She immediately stole our family's heart and those of our visitors to the ranch. Like every Claugene pup, Winnie loves toys! She'd greet us at the door with her toys and loved a good game of fetch (still does!). She loved to take walks with us on the ranch, roll in the dirt until she was literally a dust mop from nose to tail, chase rabbits at breakneck speed, and take a dip or two in the ponds so she'd smell nice and fishy. She spent her evenings seated in one of our laps or our guest's lap soaking up our or their affection for her. We retained Max and Star by Winnie and both offspring have proven their great structure, temperaments and brain in competition disciplines. We also co-own Pulley, Max's brother. Winnie was spayed, gifted & retired to a pet home at age seven, so she could get full-time attention with zero competition from anyone else four-footed and where she could be a full-time house dog and best bud. Her owners are retired and she loves every minute with them. She resides with the Jarrett family in Albuquerque. We boarded Winnie every year for two weeks when the Jarretts went on vacation. The Jarretts spread Winnie's ashes in the nearby Mountains where they loved to go on hikes and where Winnie had the most fun.

Winnie is a full littermate to: CH Legends Rx 4 Success, a Nationals class placer and champion producer (sire to our Disney) and CH Legends Three Times a Lady CD STDs (one of the nicest Aussies that we ever put on the ground for talent, structure and temperament) and Legends Walkin to Heaven, major pointed ASCA, CH and multi-title champion producer

Winnie at age five

Winnie is a character, kinda like her son Max

God blessed us when he allowed Winnie into our lives and our hearts:)