STUD CONTRACT (updated 6/18)

For the valuable consideration set forth below and pursuant to the terms set forth in this Contract, the following stud and the following bitch will be bred together.


STUD DESCRIPTION (hereinafter "Stud"):

____ RTCH Legends Country Strong Garth CDX ODX REMX, therapy certified, DNA-VP - GARTH - $1,000 natural breeding and $2,000/fresh chilled ... FROZEN NOT AVAILABLE (Stud owners: Steve & Anne Shope). Garth's clearances: OFA-Excellent, Elbows-Normal, MDR1 N/N by parentage, HSF4 clear by parentage, eye cleared, full dentition, scissors bite

Proof of all health clearances named above together with pictures of Garth, proof of titles earned, and pictures of many greats in his pedigree furnished upon request, along with a five generation pedigree.

Owners as named for the stud chosen above are hereinafter referred to as Stud Owners:


BITCH DESCRIPTION (hereinafater "Bitch"): Must be a minimum of two years of age and be a purebred ASCA registered Australian Shepherd.

Registered & Call Name:

Clearances (Mandatory Minimum: DNA Certificate, OFA or Penn-Hip Certificate on hips (or European equivalent), dentition and bite disclosed, and current eye clearance within one year- attach a copy of all clearances).

Pedigree: (Attach a copy of a five-generation pedigree and copies of registrations)

Physical Description (attach a picture or send video):

Reproduction history (number of pups on the ground, feedback on health, dentition, titles & structure of offspring):

Owner of the Bitch are hereinafter referred to as Bitch Owner, whether singular or plural:



1) ONF-HALF the Stud Fee is payable by Bitch Owner to the Stud Owners at the time the Bitch arrives to be bred to the Stud or prior to the shipping of any fresh chilled sperm. Any expenses for estrus testing or artificial insemination of the Bitch or collection of the stud will be borne by the Bitch Owner. THE REMAINING ONE-HALF of the stud fee is due and payable when the litter is born and the count meets the guarantees given within this Contract. If no litter is born or the count fails to meet the guarantees and the Bitch Owner does not wish to rebreed their bitch within a 14 month allotted period of time from the date of the first breeding, the remaining one-half the stud fee is waived. If, however, the Bitch Owner desires to rebreed their bitch within the 14 month period of time from the first breeding, the second half of the Stud Fee is due and payable on the first day of the rebreeding, which rebreeding must fall with the 14 month allotted time period named herein.

Stud Owner may take one pup back (1st pick as named by Stud Owner) in lieu of any stud fee ONLY if agreed upon by all parties. Pup may carry the Stud Owners' kennel name. (parties, initial here: _________ ______ __________ ______).

2) Stud Owner will sign any litter registration paperwork once the entire Stud Fee has been paid in full and funds have cleared the Stud Owner's bank. Any insufficient funds will result in an additional fee of $50 and no paperwork will be signed until all the funds have been made good.

3). Any pup produced with a color disqualification according to the ASCA breed standard must be placed on a spay/neuter contract unless exempted by the Stud Owners. Pups from this litter placed intact must be sold, gifted, or placed with the written understanding they are not to be bred to anything other than a purebred and registered Australian Shepherd of age with certified clearances on hips and eyes.

4) Upon arrival to be bred to the Stud, the Bitch Owner will furnish proof of the Bitch being brucellosis cleared and testing negative. The Stud Owner will produce proof of the stud being brucellosis cleared and testing negative with said date of clearance being within one year of the breeding of the Bitch and Stud.

5) If Bitch is to be boarded at the Stud owners' facility, there is no boarding fee for the first five days. After five days, the Boarding fee for the Bitch is $15 per day. Bitches being flown to the Stud Owners should fly them into the Albuquerque International Airport which is approximately 15 minutes from Stud Owners' home.

6) Stud Owners guarantee three live and healthy pups to any Bitch two to seven years of age. Stud Owners guarantee one live and healthy pup to any Bitch eight years or older. No Bitch under two will be approved for breeding. The Bitch may be rebred to the Stud within a one-year period of time if the quantity guaranteed is not produced pursuant to #1) terms and conditions stated above. If using fresh sperm, all vet expenses for the recollection and shipping are at the Bitch Owner's expense. If the Stud is no longer available, rebreeding and the one-half Stud Fee already remitted, is forfeited by the Bitch Owner.

7) The Bitch owners will notify the Stud Owner when pups are born (colors and sexes) and when and where pups are placed.

8) The Stud Owner and the Bitch Owner both concur to timely notify each other of any genetic issues that arise in either the stud, the bitch or in the puppies produced from this breeding.

9) This Contract cannot be amended or altered without the express written permission of all owners of the Stud and the Bitch. If any party to this Contract feels there has been a breach, suit shall be brought in the county and state of the Stud Owners.

10) Bitch Owner agrees to hold the Stud Owner harmless from any all liability (this includes illness, injury or death of the Bitch or the Stud Owner or those accompanying the Stud Owner) while the Bitch Owner or the Bitch are visiting or housed at the Stud Owner's premises. If the Bitch is to be boarded, Stud Owner shall house and care for the bitch according to the Bitch Owner's instructions and timely seek medical attention as the Stud Owner or Bitch Owner deem necessary and applicable. Any medical attention shall be the financial responsibility of the Bitch Owner. Owners wishing to accompany their bitch and stay in the home of the Stud Owners must pay an additional fee of $15.00 per night housed.


____________________________________ Steve Shope (505) 328-0573/verizon


____________________________________ Anne Shope (505) 328-6427/verizon

530 Lagunitas Road, SW, Albuquerque, NM 87105-7574 Email:

BITCH OWNER(S): If more than one Bitch Owner, then whoever signs must have written permission from the other owners to act on their behalf and that written permission MUST accompany this Contract.








The Bitch was bred to the Stud on: