Tower Mtn KickTheDustUp Legends STDs: LUKE

DOB September 11, 2015, eye cleared/no notations, HSF4 clear by parentage, MDR1 N/N by parentage (for pedigree, 21" in height, scroll down - Luke will be neutered 10/2018

bred by John & Connie Knepper, Spokane, WA


Luke carries the blood of WTCH Talon (HIT sheep/HIT overall WI Nat'ls), HOF WTCH Edi (Cattle Finals Champion, High Combined ASCA finals and also ASCA Specialty), Finals placer WTCH Kat, WTCH Sadie and HOF WTCH VCH Bandit (He looks like his Daddy WTCH Sweep and Grandma HOF Ally)


Pic taken 12/9/2016





Almost 3 months of age:

He loves tugawar and retrieve games. He's doing wonderful learning sit/down/come/stand/wait/stay/leave it/get it/give/and back.

8 and 9 beautiful weeks of age:







HOF WTCH NT Connected Lucky RTDcs HSAsdc, finals competitor



WTCH Legends of Teewinot's Talon PATDsd RTDsd HTDIIIs, HIT sheep ASCA Nat'ls, finals competitor



HOF WTCH Diamond S Legends Rosy RTDs, finals competitor, HIT sheep ASCA Nat'ls


WTCH Legends StarN SweepN Tower MtN RD, ofa good, elbows normal, full dentition, scissors, HSF4 clear, MDR1 N/N, cye cleared, (littermate to WTCH Legends StarN Say GNite Gracie BN RN and usdaa ADCH Legends StarN Deacon Blue (qualified for '10 Grand Prix Q!) Adv.jumers(AJ), Adv.gamblers(AG), Adv.relay(AR)and Adv.Snooker(AS), Advanced Agility Dog (AAD) plus usdaa Standard Agility Master, his Tournament Master Bronze and Gambler, Snooker and Jumpers Master


HOF VCH WTCH CH Shope's Goodnight Bandit CDX RTDsc, stockdog finals competitor, #5 as a 2 year old on cattle


HOF Legends StarN Rite Up My Ally OTDd ATDsc RM CD - therapy dog - (littermate to (JCH), (GCH) (TM-Gold) in USDAA .(RCH), (SACH), (SCH-Bronze)(TCH-Silver), ADCH (Agility Dog Champion), TM-Silver) and ChSN (snooker champion) Legends StarN Law-N-Order akc MAD AX AXJ EF usdaa SG SR AD and Legends StarN Rhythm N Blu NA, NAJ, NAC, NGC, NJC, RS-O, GS-O, JS-O-OP JS-O-SP, GS-E JV-E and SS


Diamond S Pepper (injured & never trialed; littermate to WTCH Diamond S Dox Sidkick RTDs DNA-CP, Lousiana Futurity winner)




HOF WTCH Vests Bell Star Gent RTDs, finals competitor (littermate to WTCH Vest Bell Star Blue Tyler, WTCH Vests Bell Star Belle, HOF WTCH LCs Mr. Mann PATDcs FINALS WINNER, WTCH J Bar D Tank PATDcs RTDs) 


HOF WTCH, Cattle Finals CH & HC, Graingers Everredy Legends Edi PATDsc RTDs HATDIIIs, HC ASCA National Specialty (littermate to WTCH Graingers Milo Talon, finals, and WTCH Graingers Bailie on the Rocks - Edi has produced WTCH HTCH, major pointed, and performance titled offspring, including offspring finishing top 10 stockdog finals


HOF WTCH Starstuffs Blocky Butt Bailie DNA-VP, finals competitor 


WTCH True Grit's EZLuvN Sadie , ofa excellent, elbows normal, full dentition, scissors, HSF4 clear, MDR1 N/N, eye cleared



WTCH True Grit Cain Raiser PATDsc RTDsc RD, finals competitor



WTCH True Grit Kat Ballou PATDsc RTDsc RD OFTDs, finals competitor and placed in cattle




True Grit Dixie Belle (littermate to WTCH True Grit Painted Toes, WTCH True Grit Red Apache, WTCH True Grit Hombre, finals competitor)