Stephanie Shope-McDaniel is owned by Kismet

Kismet's sire: asca/akc CH Windspirit Great Messenger ROMX1 -Cobb (PREMIER ASCA Nat'ls '09, WD USASA National Specialty '07 under SBJ Shiela Polk) - picture bottom of page

Kismet's dam: asca/akc CH Avalon's Devine Testmony -Trinity - picture bottom of page

(Bred by Jillian Ward & Lisa Mann)

Lovely in temperament, beautiful type, incredible movement, and an awesome addition to our kennel and lives. Kismet is a BOB special. She's training in obedience and rally.

PROGENY FEEDBACK: Pups are under 2 years of age

Sire: asca/ukc CH UR02 Legends StarN Divine InterventN STDs akc BN (2 legs CD) RA CGC

Starn Angel In Disguise akc RE BN (two 100 scores), owned by Peggy Haeusler - Neala is ranked in rally merits USASA 2013 - #5 Nov B/ #4 Adv A/#2 Exc A

UKC CH StarN Divine Passion, BOBp/BOSp awards, owned by Michelle Radloff and Lindsay Radloff

Ch StarN N Cahoots W Easy Wind, owned by Mark Kitzelman

StarN Divine Hope, owned by Carolyn Hildago (training in agility, rally and obedience and several reserve winners bitch intact and altered to majors plus plus 2 pts intact)

StarN When Fates Collide PT CGC, owned by Niki Muth

StarN Ewe Meant To Intervene   RS-N  JS-N  GS-N CDX (2 legs ODX) RNX RAX REX  BA  NJC  TN-N   CGC  CGCA  HT  PT RA JHD, QUALFIER IN THE 2014 ASCA NAT'LS MVA, owned by Laurie Burnam

StarN She's Got the Walk, owned by Paul Schultz and Lelissa Luyet (3 pt major, now spayed - awesome moving bitch w/superb temperament)

Sire: Legends Country Strong Garth (to debut in stock 2015) - carries the blood of WTCH Talon, HOF WTCH Edi, HOF VCH WTCH CH Bandit plus ...

Check Moxie's webpage to follow pups from this litter - we retained Moxie here at Legends StarN. Kismet on left and Moxie on right. (PICTURE TAKEN 9/28/2015)


May, 2011

May, 2011

5/17, almost one year of beautiful age




052709 N/N Clear



OFA excellent

Elbows Normal


No Notations


WB/BOW/BOS under SBJ Marge Stoval 2/28/10 - ASANM

Never met a person or dog she didn't love or who didn't love her.




MULTIPLE BOBP AND BOSP - Thank you judges SBJ Kristen Rush, PBJ Tammy Seaman, PBJ Libby Graham, PBJ Kimberly Golden & Russell McFadden for the wins on this precocious cutey pie!

2009 ASCA NATIONALS/COLORADO: Kismet was awarded a 3rd placement (Sat Pre Show BJ Becky Maloney), a 4th placement (Monday Pre-Show Puppy Sweeps PBJ Regi Gravette), 1st place in the Nationals Puppy Sweeps for her class (Tuesday BJ Eric Brickson), 1st place for her age and color group in puppies (Wednesday BJ Gemi Sasson Brickson), at 1st place at the ASCA Nationals in her puppy class.

BOB Puppy Sweeps/BOS Movement: ASANM show January 2010 (NBJ Cherrie Cannon)

Kismet's road to her championship (Kismet has been consistent under every judges she's been shown to thus far):

WB under SBJ Wendy Fensterwald (3 pt major)

WB under SBJ Shelly Hollen (2 pts)

RWB under AKC/ASA Judge William Green

RWB under AKC/ASCA Judge David Harris (picture below)

WB/BOW under SBJ Sheila Polk (3 pts)

WB/BOW/BOS under SBJ Marge Stovall (3 pts)

WB/BOW - asca Breed Champion - under PBJ Lisa Renville (5 pts) (34 class bitches) - AZ

BOB - under Judy Webb (her first time out as a special!) - she'll be campaigned beginning June 1, 2010

Thank you, Judge Judy Webb for this BOB honor.

Special thank you to Jillian & Lisa for allowing Kismet to join our family. She retrieves, plays tug, gets along with all dogs, is much fussed over by every human she meets, and is pretty much running our household at this time and training us well. She is is absolutely lovely in every regard. She's a spitfire of energy, very self assured, and seem to have quite the prey drive for livestock. Kismet was instinct tested at 6 months of age by Steve on knee-knocking fetching sheep and she passed beautifully. She groups, takes both flanks although favors the away-to-me side right now, and really doesn't want to quit working:) And, wow, can this bitch move! She's gorgeous inside and out! Picture of her famous sire and her lovely dam are at the end of this webpage.

WB/BOW - SBJ Sheila Polk - ASANM 2/27/10

She fits into our kennel quite nicely - at a very young age, she appeared to know she's arrived at a working kennel.





Handled in this picture by junior Shelby Anne McDaniel at the 9th Annual Three Pine Ranch Classic where Kismet took BOBp or BOSp every show.

Six month old Kismet coming to the camera. She loves toys, playing in snow, catching snowballs, harrassing the ducks on the fenceline, jumping in laps for hugs, playing with Karma and Hanky on the ranch, chasing birds, rabbits, and living life to the fullest. She is clean coming and going with lovely sidegait.

NOTE: Kismet resides primarily with Eric (a licensed physical therapist) and his wife, Debby of Four Point Therapy. Debby does therapeudic horsemanship with the handicapped. We see Kismet often and love on her and our extended family. Eric was Stephanie's therapist when she was in the hospital long term at Health South. Kismet is spoiled absolutely rotten and living a super life.