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(home to: RTCH II Legends Country Strong Garth CDX/ODX UD STDs akc CDX), producer of 2 WTCH, 1 A-CH, & other performance/stock-titled offspring - two points away from Hall of Fame



We welcome BUDDY to our household. Thank you, Ania Becker, for this awesome addition to our family. Watch for Steve and Buddy to team up in stock work.

PROGENY (listed at this link are all our bred-by titled Australian Shepherds, and their owners are honored here)

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OUR RESUME At this link, you can find our accomplishments in many disciplines. Legends is a Hall of Fame Excellent kennel with Australian Shepherd Club of America, Inc. and Hall of Fame kennel with USASA (the AKC affiliate). StarN is Hall of Fame Excellent with ASCA. STEVE is a stockdog judge (ASCA and AHBA) and stockdog clinician (US and abroad). ANNE is a senior breeder judge in conformation plus obedience judge (thru open) and a senior rally judge (all levels) with ASCA. STEPHANIE is a senior breeder judge in conformation with ASCA (PLEASE NOTE: Stephanie is not taking assignments due to ongoing health issues with Lupus). The Shopes' history in the breed is included in the Australian Shepherd Annual (40 page interview including pictures).

UPDATE ON OUR IN-HOUSE TRAINING, OUR MANUALS AND VIDEOS TOO. We are no longer taking dogs in for training or handling for stock work, performance or conformation; we stopped doing this in 2012 but some of you still ask us so we're updating this website. Additionally, we have pulled our manuals and dvds, namely Stockdog 101, Practical Obedience, and How to Choose, Raise and Train a Puppy from the market place. We have incorporated many new training approaches and techniques since we wrote those manuals and produced those DVDs and thus we pulled them from the market. We won't be updating these previous training materials. Additionally we have no plans to produce new training products at this time. If you desire a clinic or workshop, we are still available as our time permits.

OUR BEST BUDDIES (links to Edi, Garth, Candy, Moxie, Luke, and Buddy (our housebuds and training/trialing partners)plus links to our well-known, overachieving foundation dogs)

Tower MtN Kick The Dust Up STDs - Luke

OUR PHILOSOPHY (link about the Australian Shepherd and about owning dogs)

NOTE: We sold our ranch late 2016. We miss it very much. Thank you to all of you who visited us there, sent in dogs for training and handling, who attended clinics or doggy camps, and to all who made the stockdog, obedience, & rally trials plus conformation shows held at our ranch such fun. We no longer breed dogs so if looking for our lines, we can refer you out to a breeder who has our lines if that's what you desire. Steve and I continue to compete with our dogs as our time allows - watch for us with Garth, Luke and Moxie.

Below is a picture that was on the news during one of our beautiful NM snow storms at our ranch; it is one of our favorites so we've kept it up on this index page to our site. We are now located in the beautiful south valley of Albuquerque where we continue to train, trial and work our dogs on stock and train for and compete in obedience, rally and conformation.

Pictured above: (front) CH Legends StarN King of the Jungle,

(middle) HOF Legends StarN Rite Up My Ally ATDsc OTDd CD RM,

and (top) VCH Legends StarN Max-a-Million CDX RM